Every year, color trends change. Golds are in and grays are out, bronze stays timeless, and yellow is the new black. It’s important that not only designers and trendsetters keep up to date with the latest tendencies in color combinations, but contractors, hardscapers, and painters also benefit from understanding what trendy homeowners are looking for and what the market considers valuable, modern, and beautiful.

In 2023, colors like pink, peach, soft violets, purples, pastels, and mossy greens dominate the interior and exterior design community. Any good house painter knows the importance of color matching, and here at Omar Masonry & Painting LLC, we have developed different color palettes that are not only trendy, but look good in interiors and exteriors. Paying close attention to detail is one of our priorities and we want our customers to know that we go above and beyond to accommodate their needs. Here are trendy house painting colors for this upcoming summer.

Warm Tans & Natural Greens


Color Palette based on Pantone’s GRAY SAND 13-1010 (Color of the Year Palette)

Gray Sand is in this year, and this palette of complementary cream and green colors are perfect for a change of scenery. A warm and inviting cream is perfect for a soft interior look, complimenting the inside with a palette of greens that will give your house that pop it deserves. This particular palate compliments well with oranges, browns, and darker yellows, giving you leeway in your choice of decoration.

In addition, jewel tones are all the rage today! Emboldened the look of your living room, kitchen, or office space by complementing those warm tans with jewel colors and darker blues. Not only can you paint your interiors this way, you can complement your furniture to match!

Soft Peaches & Inviting Lavenders


Color Palette based on Pantone’s PALE DOGWOOD 13-1404 (Color of the Year Palette)

The soft peach paint job gives you leeway to work on complementary colors that match your home aesthetic. Imagine your kitchen with a Pale Dogwood back wall complemented with increasingly darker violets and a pop of blue that will create an almost rustic feel to your home. Painting is all about innovation and creativity, and this palette outsells it.

Warm Neutrals & Inviting Browns 


Neutrals are a timeless classic. Using white and complementary colors is a great way to make your home look neat and organized. Browns combined with a neutral palette give the feeling of broader space, so you can use them for your bathrooms or living rooms if you want to make them look bigger than they actually are. It’s a clever way to take advantage of your available space. Plus, decorating with neutrals gives you the opportunity for more color experimentation.

Bold Reds & Salmon Tones


If you’re feeling a little adventurous, using darker reds and pairing them with darker pinks is what every design and home interior decor magazines are talking about. Red is a great color for thinning outside the box, not to mention, it complements well with whites and browns. Even an unusual tone of color like the salmon tone in the wall above can be made to look soft by using white and browns.

Stay Trendy With The Best House Painting Colors of 2023

Understanding that everything in design, landscaping, masonry, and renovations changes over time is the first step to modernize your living space. Picking the right color palette for the inside of your home can be a challenge, but taking color palettes like the ones above is the first step into becoming the trendiest home on the block. Jewel tones, emboldened reds, warm neutrals, and soft pinks are what everyone is talking about today. Take advantage of the season and start your home painting project today!

Don’t DIY!

Hire professionals to do the job for you. Not only is a good house painter knowledgeable on colors and how to properly paint the inside and outside of your home, but they’ll advise you on the best paints available in the market. If you’re looking for reliable painting services in Eastern Massachusetts, Omar Masonry & Painting LLC is the right choice for any painting or masonry project in the area. We work with high-quality paints and cater our services to your vision.