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If you want to update, expand, or eliminate a portion of your home, Omar Masonry’s demolition contractors can make it happen. When a part of your residential property feels obsolete, or you want to make space for a renovation project, hiring the right demolition company is essential. Some residential demolition projects need necessary local permits and must be carefully performed to keep the structural integrity of your home. Unless you’re looking for complete home demolition (which Omar Masonry can help with), you want a responsible contractor to protect your property.

Omar Masonry is appropriately licensed and insured to tackle any residential demolition project in Dedham and surrounding areas in Massachusetts. Our services tackle everything from small demolitions to interior and exterior projects. There is no project too big or too small for our demolition contractors.

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Our Residential Demolition Services

We gather everything necessary for your projects. Omar Masonry counts with all permits and licenses to kick-start your residential demolition. We tear down walls, ceilings, floors, and everything in between.
When the structure of your home is obsolete, and you want to make way for a new portion or addition, residential demolition is the way to go. Our demolition services for homes and residences in Dedham include the following:

Specialized Basement Demolition Services

Your basement can be more than a storage space. Basement demolition is commonly done as part of renovation projects to transform an existing basement space into a more functional or aesthetically pleasing area. However, renovations aren’t the only reason you may need basement demolition. Here are some signs you might need basement demolition services:

  • Visible cracks in walls and floors might be a bigger foundation problem
  • Water damage and leaks that indicate
  • waterproofing and drainage issues
  • Uncontrolled mold and mildew spread
  • Inadequate insulation or impractical layout structure
  • Presence of asbestos or lead paint
  • A sinking or shifting foundation
  • Low ceilings or limited space
  • Outdated electrical or plumbing systems that pose safety concerns

If any of these signs are in your basement, or you’re looking for a demolition contractor to tear it down to make space for something more functional, contact Omar Masonry below. Don’t worry, we’ll clean up right after we’re done!


We make Demolition Simple!

Our residential demolition services use an easy 1-2-3 step formula. Omary Masonry is here to simplify things, regardless of whether you’re looking for light demolition or something more complex like tearing down concrete in your outdoor structures.

  1. Pre-Demolition Preparation
    A thorough structure assessment is conducted to identify hazards, and a comprehensive demolition plan is developed.
  2. Demolition Execution
    Once we’ve obtained all permits, we move on to site preparation, soft demolition to remove non-structural elements, and structural demolition using the appropriate tools.
  3. Post-Demolition Cleanup
    Debris removal is prioritized, and the site is backfilled and graded for future construction or landscaping. A final inspection ensures compliance with safety and environmental standards.

Why Choose Our Demolition Contractors?

Partnering with Omar Masonry comes with many benefits. Not only are we a full-service demolition contractor, but we also provide services that go beyond contracting. We work on your landscaping, hardscaping, carpentry, and much more! Whatever you are looking for, Omar Masonry will do the job. We are part of the local Dedham, MA, community.

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  • Licensed and insured

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